Treadmill buying guide 2015

treadmillsIf you are thinking of having your own Treadmill at home, I must say that you are really conscious about your health. Buying or purchasing treadmill can be one of the most sensible and important move you have ever taken for your health.

Most of the fitness professionals and health conscious people recommend treadmill as the most important exercise equipment than any other.

They are easy to use and functional. If you can use it in a regular basis, you can be benefited by burning extra calories, weight management, body strengthening and cardiovascular treatment. I am sure that you are saying that you must need it and thinking for buying it.

But be careful. Because this is the most needed equipment for work out and its demand is so high that there are vast amount of brands and industries producing treadmills of different quality.

So that you can be fooled while buying it. So that here I’ve written all about treadmill with its features and you must follow them for your own satisfaction. Here they go with brief discussion.

Treadmill buying guide 2014: Types of Treadmill:


TreadmillsManual treadmill

This treadmill is activated when the user walks on it. You can manually change the incline and make it perfect for better exercise.

These types of treadmills are less expensive than other two categories. Though it is tough to work out on it, but if you do regularly you will be benefited mostly.

Folding treadmill

This type of treadmills feature conveniently and user likes it for its folding feature. User can use it when they want and fold it up at the storage if they want to save the space that the treadmill needs.

These are like manual treadmills and you can buy it for its affordable price. And like the manual treadmills, these treadmills are also powered by the user.

Motorized treadmill

These types of treadmills are more expensive than manual and folding type treadmills. Because they offer more features than basic manual treadmills. They produce sound also and take space for its bigger body.

When choosing a motorized treadmill, you should consider the power of the motor, the size of the running surface, and the nature of the incline.

Treadmill buying guide 2014: Facts you must know:

Easily navigable

Your treadmill has to be easy to use and you should go for one in which you feel comfortable while work out. You should look for screen and buttons which will offer different programs and you can change them easily.

Electronic programming

In the market, you will find most of the treadmills offer various types of program. You can buy any type you want but look for the basic programs which show your work out limitation and simulates running up and down hills. You can also manually adjust the other features.

Heart rate monitor

Recently treadmills have attracted users by showing heart rate and current situation. Most of the expensive treadmills have a chest strap heart rate monitor but a handgrip monitor is more common on more affordable treadmills. Some also come with finger clips. It is really useful as it will show your heart progress and achievement.

Adequate motor

This feature is important for motorized treadmill. Because most people get confused about its motor. Conjointly 2.0 or little above horse powered motor are just perfect for treadmills. Do not be over excited by seeing the bigger treadmills with large motor. Because the bigger is not always better.

Other features

There can be handrails which is also necessary. You must understand the controlling system which includes displays, incline buttons, speed buttons and up/ down buttons.

Treadmill buying guide 2014: Considerations:


Basically there are two types of safety mechanism in the treadmills. One of them is the emergency off button and the other is safety key. Safety key is used for turning on treadmills. You will have a clip with the key and if you cannot manage to run with the belt, the key will come out automatically and turn off the treadmill.

You have to be sure about your dress up. Don’t wear such clothes which can create obstacles while exercising in treadmills. Be sure about the quality of treadmill and its brand.

Sorting treadmills

You have to be sure about the categories of treadmills and sort out the exact one you need. As a beginner, you can go for manually system as it’s easiest among treadmills. If you are an expert, you can go for motorized. By thinking about the space, you can also buy folded treadmills.


You have to make sure where you want to put your treadmill. Make a perfect place where you can enjoy your work out with your treadmill. The measurement of the place will inspire you to buy the right sized treadmill.


Some basic care is advisable. You should not have to spend time lubricating and servicing your treadmill after every workout. A well designed unit takes normal wear and tear into account so you don’t have to and helps save you time and hassle. But try to buy the one which is maintenance free.


Think about your budget and do not go for expensive treadmills. It is just waste of money. Take your decision smartly and buy according to your demand and budget.


Warranty is an important factor to consider. Treadmill is an electrical instrument and it can be damaged anytime. If you use regularly in proper way with right maintenance, your treadmills will last long. But take some warranty from the seller. Make sure that the retailer provides you some services for long time use. Normally 2-5 years warranties are given at the shop.

I think you have got the proper idea about treadmill and you now have proper knowledge to buy your perfect treadmill. Do not go for unnecessary big treadmills which will kill your space and you will also feel uncomfortable. Search properly in the web about the price. So that you can be made fool in the shop. Exercise on it regularly and no one will be benefited like you. Take care.